Online Reviews

"Amazing Taekwondo Center! We went here for a birthday party and all coaches are amazing and entertain the kids by showing some cool moves. Kids had so much fun. Clean and very organize. Keep it up!"

"I recommend Excel to anyone interested in Taekwondo without any hesitation. I love the family environment while still remaining professional. I also appreciate the values that they incorporate into their training."

"Great instructors! They care about each and every student."

"Excellent place for Taekwondo training with a very competitive team!"

""A couple of years ago I was referred by our school and a friend to Excel TKD Center, my daughter is being a student here ever since, what I like about this place is the family-like environment and the respect they show to one another. It is a family owned and operated. The staff is always friendly, you'll always see a smile on their faces. Kids truly develop self confidence, they understand what commitment, respect & discipline mean. It becomes a way of living. They recently upgraded their mats to higher end ones, which gives the center a fresher look. I would most definitely recommend this Taekwondo center, not only for kids but for adults too, try it out and you'll fall in love with their programs."

"Love this place! My daughters been taking classes for 8 months now. The instructors are great and will work with you to make sure the lessons that are taught in class are also followed at home."

"I first learned about this place after attending a birthday party for my niece. I was so impressed with Mr. Marcelino (the owner), and the way he handled the kids. It was firm, but with a little light-heartedness to not make it so strict. When we decided to finally enroll my son, this place was always in the back of my mind. Everyone there is so wonderful. They are all great ladies and gentlemen. Others have said it in these reviews, they treat you like family, and really care about their customers. All the instructors care about the kids learning and advancing within the ranks of Taekwondo. I really recommend this place if you live in the Valley and are thinking about putting your child or children in Taekwondo. My son loves it, and has a great time each and every week. We started late in the year, and the coaches worked extra hard with him so he was ready for this first belt test in November, he passed and is now more excited than ever about it."

"They recently added anti-bullying classes as part of the classes, where once a week the kids learn different ways to avoid bullies or recognize bulling behavior. It's a real nice addition to an already stellar set of classes teaching the fundamentals of Taekwondo."

"They know how to run a small business and care about the community. They are good people doing good things for the future of our kids!"